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Thanks to dental restorations like crowns and bridges, it’s possible to rehabilitate your smile if you lose or damage teeth. At Sauer Dentistry, Aaron Sauer, DDS, Whitney Marsh, DMD, and the team use crowns and bridges to transform smiles and encourage optimal oral health. To make an appointment at the practice in Greenwood, Indiana, call the office or click the online booking feature today.

Crowns and Bridges Q&A

What are crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges repair or replace decaying, damaged, or missing permanent teeth. Though similar, there are distinct differences:


A crown is a synthetic cap bonded on top of a damaged or severely decaying tooth. At Sauer Dentistry, the team offers CEREC same-day crowns, allowing people to receive a new crown in a single appointment.


A bridge replaces one or several teeth. Specifically, bridges feature one (or several) artificial teeth and two crowns or a metal framework. To hold the bridge in place, your Sauer Dentistry provider bonds the crowns or framework to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap in your smile.

What types of issues can crowns and bridges treat?

At Sauer Dentistry, the team uses crowns and bridges to treat damaged, decaying, or missing teeth. For example, you might benefit from a crown if you chip a tooth, experience a deep cavity, or need extensive dental work on a single tooth. 

You might be a candidate for a bridge if you lose one (or several) teeth due to extractions, oral trauma, or poor oral hygiene.

What does getting crowns and bridges involve?

At Sauer Dentistry, the process for getting crowns and bridges varies:

Getting a same-day CEREC crown

If you need a crown, the team takes digital impressions of your tooth and uploads them to a computer-aided design (CAD) program. Your provider uses the program to design a custom crown that fits your tooth perfectly.

After finalizing a design, they upload it to the CEREC milling machine. The CEREC machine then mills a custom dental crown from a block of ceramic. About 45 minutes later, when the machine finishes, your provider bonds the crown on top of your tooth. 

Getting a dental bridge

Getting a dental bridge requires two trips to Sauer Dentistry. At the first visit, your provider performs an oral exam and takes impressions of your mouth. They send your impressions to a dental facility that creates a custom dental bridge.

A week or two later, when the facility finishes your restoration, you return to Sauer Dentistry. Your provider bonds the bridge in place and provides care instructions.

How long do crowns and bridges last?

The length of time that crowns and bridges last depend on several factors, including your commitment to good oral hygiene and the type of lifestyle you lead. 

Most dental restorations last 12-15* years, but it’s possible to extend their use by brushing and flossing daily and visiting the team at Sauer Dentistry every six months for an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning.

To explore the benefits of crowns and bridges, make an appointment at Sauer Dentistry by calling the office or clicking the online booking feature today. 

*Individual results may vary*